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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Evaluations

Here is what some of my students said about the class and links to their summer school blogs.

The things that i like about Mr.Holden is when he be tryna jone back it be hella funny. Also i like that his down to earth and his a cool person to talk to. The thing i like least about him is when he he be kicking our table when we be having our head down that pisses me off. And i do not like when he say we cant do somethings and i hate when he ignore us. Though so far this class has been a good experience and a fun class.

Overall I think this class was benficial. I learned many things over the past weeks. I manly learnedhow to think in more depth.The reason for that i because at the beginning of class each day we didi a riddle of some sort which enquired us to think in differently. Mr. Holden is a good teacher without a doubt. Honestly he's more educated and intrested in making sure his students learn more than making a dollar. evewn though he claims thats all hes here for but u know how that goes. Overall I can say this summer school experience was benficial to the fullest.

I learned how to write a essay better then I could also got a good and better chance to read,and how to write some good poems. The things that I learned in this that I need to know is so that I can use them in the future also once I go to college.

About Mr. Holden...The one thing I didn't like was he would always kick the table when I put my head down on the desk. The things I liked were that we actually had to work in summer school. Last year you just showed up and passed. Plus, he keeps it real, and doesn't lie. The way he teaches makes it easy to learn.If somebody were to have to take a language arts class for summer school, I would reccomend Mr. Holden's class. My other teacher was just as good, but he's not here during the summer. I would reccomned Mr. Holden because of what I mentioned in the previous question.

What do you like and dislike about Mr.Holden:
Mr . Holden was a very interesting teacher . He had some wierd teaching method but they always stick. I like the fact that he lets us be who we want to be he dont try to hide are real self with education. He let us speak are mind and he speaks his. the least thing I like about him is the way he dress. he need to take a class in colors and which ones match. Just kidding, Mr.Holden was a wonderful teacher

Well I learned how to write proper essays, how to look for connections from the text and look for the possible hidden meanings in names and words. Over and over we wrote essays and it was annoying but that was effective because I am now better at writing than I was before. I think I am adept at writing poetry because now I get good grades on my poems and I have to write less and less drafts.

I liked Mr. Holden's frankness. He tells like it is and that is admirable. He tries to keep his students on track when they start to slip in their grades. Also he tries to get our POV in the class discussions.

Mr. Holden is a great teacher his style is unique and he’s funny at the same time,He knows when to joke around and when to get serious. I had Mr. Holden for a teacher twice this summer and each time I’ve realized that he is a better teacher than I thought. I never thought I’d be saying this but overall my experience of being taught by Mr. Holden was one of the best experiences I’ve had. It may not appear but I’ve learned a lot from him. Even thought I get on his nerves I still like him. (NO HOMO!). But really I what to leave today on a positive note so with no further a due I’d like to thank Mr. Holden for what he’s done, it may not seem like he’s done much for me but he has.THANK YOU

One of the things I liked about Mr. Holden was his since of humor. He knows how to keep a student interested. He is also easy to talk to. The least thing I liked about Mr. Holden was when he made us write essays. I don't like writing essays. But, in my opinion Mr. Holden is a very cool teacher. I would like it if Mr. Holden was my teacher next year. I like the way he keeps the class involved.I would recommend this class to the freshman coming in. I would do this because I think it is a good class. While in this class you learn a lot. At the end you will realize that you have gained more knowledge from when you walked in to when you walk out at the end of the day. I would also recommend them to have Mr. Holden as there teacher also.

As far as Mr Holden, he was cool. He had nice comments to say about people and comebacks. The topics he brought up in the disscussions were cool. Other then that I could careless. But I wonder why it seems like all the cool teachers teach at the alternative school.

Overall the class was a great experience to go through.I learned alot and I tried my hardest to get the best grade that I could.I learned that sometimes you have to read things that you don't want to in life.I really like doing the blogs,it was something different that helped me evaluate the work that I did.The things that I liked the most was the morning mysteries.I never have been a big fan of mysteries,but when we satrted doing the morning mysteries I got into it.They are exciting and fun to figure out.I like the Law and Oreder episodes that we watched and I never watched them at home.I really liked the mystery about Sadie,it made my my mind wander.I really like this class.

What I liked most about Mr. Holden is that he actually taught us something. Some teachers doesn't care what you do, but Mr. Holden did. He tried to get us to write as much as we could. I enjoyed that because I enjoy writing. Sometimes I didn't feel like doing it but I did anyway because this teacher would always make sense no matter what. He tried to get us to look at things a certain way or argue to get a reasonable point through. He'd say things like Matin Luther King was nobody. He knew who Martin was but he wanted us to explain what we knew about him in as much detail as possible. Not just that he was apart of the civil rights movement. He'd always say explain!!

What i liked tha least abotu mr. holden... there was nothing i didn't like about Mr. Holden he was a very helpful teacher throughout this whole summer school session. I appreciated his help and support. Yes i would recommend this class to anyone because i know if i learned alot from this class then everyone else can too.

My evaluation about this class is ok. This class has taught me a lot about myself, how I really shouldn't have been here because it was just a lesson for me to stay organized. Thats why I was here in the beginning because I didnt turn my work in on time or completed. I learned a lot more in this summer class about how others write and what many stories are really about. I got a chance to really understand the stories. This class was a cool learning experience because I learned a lot about culture, families, mysteries and other forms of stories. This was a good, fast class. This was my first and last time in summer school. Especially for LIT. And COMP 2!

This class has been great. I think we had a lot more fun than first semester cause we did a lot more fun things. The reading wasen't fun but watching LAW&ORDER and CSI was cool. At first the class was wack cause nobody wanted to talk cause they thought they would stupid. Then the loudness came out in Edward and now everyboby talks way to much sometimes. As the class livened up so did MR.Holdon. At first he was mad cause nobody wanted to debate with him. Now he can't get us to stop. The best things we did in this class was watching cold case. I had never watched that befor and when it first came on I thought it was going to be wack but it turned out to be preety good. In the end this class turned out to be alright and now we have to leave.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Second Session Summary

Overall the second session went fairly well. The students started to open up and speak their minds. Readings of the The Pit and The Pendulum and Isabelle Allende's Of Clay We are Made went particularly well. Using Law and Order and other current detective shows to teach 3rd person limited point of view was also very successful.

A couple of things I will have to do to make the blogging more successful is to one publish a list of URLs, and two encourage students, staff and parents to comment on what the students have to say. I think that if students start to get feedback on what they are writing it will encourage them to write more.

In a discussion yesterday some of the students question blogging and its benefits over traditional journaling. My response was the immediacy of blogging, but it is really hard for students to understand when their words are be lost in the vastness of the web. The key to this working is adult involvement and commitment. I will admit that this summer I have been kind of lax in responding to the students, but I also think that they would like to hear from other people besides me.

Most of my students said that their parents still ask them what they learned that day at school and the students still respond by saying, "nothing." If parents visit the blogs I think they would get a much more satisfactory answer.
Washington D.C.

Moved by fears of corporeal predators congress voted unanimously to dismantle all playgrounds and public pools. Children’s museums, science centers, zoos, and cultural institutions catering to minors will have to close their doors. Congress John Smith (R-Missouri) said, "We have to keep petting zoos free of pedophiles, and if that means shutting them down, then so be it."

The Senate version of the bill, which includes a provision to de-list all phone numbers of homes with minors in residence, is expected to pass later this week.

I am tired of predator parnoia. It reminds me of the scare in the eighties about psychos sticking razor blades in candied apples or using syringes to poison Snickers bars. Armies of costumed children invaded the local malls because well all know that sickos and perverts live alone in houses and don't have jobs.