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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Reviews Are In

I am still dissappointed in the quality of the blogs. Most of them still seem to be a list of what happened in the class. I probably need to create a model, though this is difficult given the time constraints of summer school. I should definitely have one when I start the regular school year.

Some of the blogs are offer a little more in depth analysis of the assignments and my teaching style. Overall the reviews have been good. Other than a couple of "hella dumbs" most of the students have been saying that the class is sufficiently challenging and the assignments are interesting.

I feel frustrated because I don't have all of my resources. Though I have access to the internet I don't have a printer or easy access to copies. I don't have my usual stack of print resources either. I am a spontaneous teacher, but ironically this requires a lot of preparaton and resources. The class has become too much of a routine. READ DISCUSS WRITE READ DISCUSS WRITE READ DISCUSS WRITE.

Yesterday we were talking about parenting and the differences between love, like, like and responsible. Fortiutously, a parent came by at that time to check on a students grade. I invited her in to discuss parenting. Luckily, she supported everything that I had said to the students earlier. Though I think her child was slightly embarrassed, I think the experiment went well.

Today I am having the students blog from the point of view of a character in fences. I am excited to read them.

I would like to take this time to apologize for the stream of concious nature of this blog. I have to constantly get up on monitor the progress of the students, which does not allow time for me to compose and organize my thoughts.

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