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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


So I was comforted to find out that there are other people in the world that don't duck and cover whenever they hear the words on-line social network. That this ally would be a K-state alum and currently resides in Oklahoma will be overlooked. For the record Mizzou will once again rule the Big 12.

The workshop presented by Wesley Fryer was not only comforting, but informative. During the presentation he took an impromptu call using Skype. I was so impressed that I downloaded the software right there and start a chat with someone else in the room.

That person happened to be David Warlick, who was giving a presentation later that day. During that particular presentation he said two things that struck me. One was that he referred to the school 2.0. When applying for a job as the technology specialist for my district I mentioned how I wanted to create the classroom 2.0. My wife, after reading my letter suggested that I might not put that in there because people might not understand. I can't remember if I left it in or not, but the fact that there are people in education that would not understand that is depressing.

Now I said that there was two things that Mr. Warlick said of interest. The second is that the reason he liked certain blogs is because that were talking about what other people were saying. I have to admit that there is a part of me that wants to become a "famous" ed. tech. blogger, but the idea of being part of an educator community is also very appealing. Usually the only community you get to be a part of is the group of teachers that go out drinking after school to bitch about how the kids don't know anything. I think a community of tech literate teachers would be much more fulfilling.

I still hope to be famous someday.

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