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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Literacy Questions

Literacy Day with Dan Holden
1. How do you download ifilm?
2. What is ibiblio?
3. Can I put up prompts in the blog for students to respond to?
4. Can I put articles in there for them to write responses to in their blogs?
5. I do read your blog page every now and then!
6. How do you leave comments on students work?
7. What kinds of books are on Project Gutenberg? I can’t get to the site right now?

  1. ifilm is a website that is currently unblocked. You just go to and do a search for whatever content you want. Be careful there is inappropriate stuff on there.
  2. I just looked up ibiblio. It seems to be a collection of public domain material. It is similar to Gutenberg, but it also has music, software, etc. I will have to check it out more.
  3. If you want to post prompts for students then a message board would be better. I haven't has as much success, but if you want to try it in your class you should take a look at
  4. You could create your own blog and then students could go and respond to it. You need to be careful of copyright issues. This answer could also apply to #3.
  5. You'll have to read it to get these answers.
  6. If you are talking about Word then you need to activate the REVIEWING toolbar and click on the comment button. I forgot to mention yesterday that there is a PowerPoint presentation available on the district server. The path was on the handout but here it is again.
    my network places>novell connections>central 500>data>hs>presentations
  7. The books on Gutenberg are those that have entered the public domain so you are mostly talking about those from the early 1900s on back. You will definitely find the dead white guys there. If you can access the site it is because you are doing something wrong. Just kidding. I'll check it out for you later.

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