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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer School Thus Far

My class size is now manageable. Today there are only 22 students in class. Other than excessive talking, they don't seem like bad kids. I still haven't seen anything to justify the horror stories that I hear from the high school. Granted when there are a few thousand students in the building it could get more chaotic. My philosophy is to teach whoever is in front of me. This goes for students in the hallway too. If I see a student, and all people are students, I endeavour to teach them.

The second period class has shown signs of apathy. I start off each class with a "30 Second Mystery" and they usually last about 10 minutes. Even after the time has elapsed a number of students still refuse to turn in the answer. They may be getting frustrated with the questions so I have been trying to find easier ones to ask.

Only 12 days to go. Grades aren't looking great, but I am relatively positive that most of them will pass.

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