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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

The shrill cry of a hawk and the even shriller cries of the birds it was preying upon greeted me as I left the house this morning. The smaller birds escaped the and hawk surveyed the terrain of brick homes and apartment complexes. Its keen vision unable to spy any other victims; it remained perched in branches of the pine tree across the street. In Missouri you will often see hawks along the interstates carefully watching from light posts and billboards, but it is fairly rare to see them on the residential streets of St. Louis.

I thought it odd enough to run inside the house to get the camera, but wasn't really that concerned about it. It was neat, but that was it.

The memory safely stored in the camera I returned to my car and headed to work. About a block from the house I am driving down yet another residential street and a red fox darts across the street and into the playground of a neighborhood school. Now if a hawk is rare, then a fox is an experience tartar. It was at this point that I realized that I was experience some sort of prophetic vision. The spirit world was sending me an email.

As a slightly less than spiritual being I had to do some research upon my arrival at work. I found a site with descriptions of Zuni animal medicines. The hawk often signals an omen. It tells the individual to pay attention like the hawk constantly scanning the horizon. So the hawk was just letting me know that the fox was coming.

The fox is a trickster, a creature that lives in the borders of the village and the wild. He lives in the twilight surviving using its cunning and adaptability. Fox medicine warns us not to give away to much and to exercise discretion. These are two qualities that I frequently forget, and perhaps the fox was sent to remind me.

More than likely it is coincidence.

One final thought. Perhaps they were running ahead of some sort of disaster such as the New Madrid earthquake or an impending storm. If an earthquake happens, then I want to be on record as predicting it.

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