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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Coming Soon

Summer school meeting officially started today. Classes will begin on Mon. I am still waiting on texts books. Apparently I am teaching Lit. and Comp. II. I hoping this means that they have passes Lit. and Comp. I. Though I don't know what that actually means. Teaching at the Alternative Program leads to a disconnect with the H.S. curriculum at times.

I have made a career, quite by accident, of teaching students who have fallen behind. If this were a track analogy I would be the one that picks up the kids who have collapsed during the race, due to being out of shape or to much smoking, and drag them across the finish line. Not only do I teach at the Alternative Program and summer school, but last year I worked in the Earn Your Way Back program which caters to students on long term suspension. I'll admit that the extra money is a definite motivator to taking these extra assignments, but It is nice to think that some of these kids succeed because of me.

Every once in a while one the kids that I pick up along the way does manage to stand up and stagger across the finish line on their own.

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