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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What I bring to the Instructional Coaching Cohort

I am a techno-weenie full of creative authentic ideas, and I only moderately offend people with my sense of humor.

To be honest, which is a rarity for me, I have no idea how anyon taught without the Internet. The project I am most proud of currently is the "Creation of the World" databaze. Using Google Earth, Timeline Creator from John Hopkins U, and Microsoft Word I have my students creating a database of world cosmogenies. We also recently completed a multi-draft essay without ever using paper.

Another project which is going into its 6th year is "Alternative Voices," a spoken word CD. This CD, like many of my ideas, comes from projects I do at home. The first time I recorded my voice onto a CD was just to say, "happy birthday" on a song mix. That eventually turned into what my students and I do today.

I have passed this CD out to just about anyone that wants to listen. I love sharing my ideas I have overcome severe stage fright and led several sessions of PD over at the H.S. that I hope weren't as boring as others that I have attended.

I'm not sure that I want to leave the classroom, but I am interested in sharing my ideas. Hopefully, this will help the students and bring me all of the glory that I deserve. However, my penchant for verbal irony may mean that I am not the ideal person for this position.

I wanted to add that I watch T.V. I have multiple media experiences that are a wealth of ideas, but I choose T.V. because it is the most controversial.

I am also a contrarian. I can and will see the opposite point of view.

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