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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why I don't like Research Proven Methods

I have discovered a paradox. I am a huge fan of science, so much so that I have all but forsaken belief in a divine entity, but when it comes to research into classroom strategies I am repulsed. The key word is strategies. I like research done in the area of cognitive science and evolutionary psychology, but when it comes to practical application into the classroom I feel there is a disconnect.

In the secondary classroom there is a need for authenticity. Like Holden Caufield, high school students can spot a "phoney" from the back row of the classroom. If a teacher does not fully believe in what they are saying, then it will have no impact on the student. Furthermore, the idea that there is a method that is best suited for everyone seems bizarre. Granted we are animals, but I don't think that placing students in a Skinner Box will lead to th desired results, though it may make the classroom quieter.

Whenever I look at GLEs (Grade Level Expectations) or Strategies That Work I just want to say, "duh." Seriously, if you don't know this stuff, then why are you teaching.

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