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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Genetic Link for Satire

Dr. Gita Klu announced yesterday the discovery of a gene that codes for the understanding of satire. LOL99, the humor gene, has been linked to the understanding and creation of wit. Individuals in which this gene is active demonstrate and ability to parody the creative work of others and accurately identify items that are ironic.

"I started looking for the humor gene after several of the jokes in my lectures just bombed. Extensive research had proven that these jokes were indeed funny, yet when delivered to my Genetics 280 class they just blew up in my face. It occurred to to me that perhaps the students in my course were lacking a sense of humor. It is only a minor leap in logic to assume that since the other senses are influenced by genetics then so too should the sense of humor."

Dr. Klu set up a series of experiments to determine the existence of LOL99. Mice were condition to expect a piece of cheese after successfully navigating a maze. Then researchers secretly replaced the cheese with a bad pun. Mice that expressed frustration were determined to be lacking a sense of humor. A DNA sample was extracted from each mouse and they were then given a copy of "Who Moved My Cheese." Amazingly, the mice that were lacking LOL99 were the same mice that actually read the book trying to determine the location of the cheese.

"Individuals lacking the gene experience frustration while watching The Simpsons and complain that Saturday Night Live has never been the same since the original cast left. They also tend to be Republican," states Klu.

Klu's research will be published in this month's issue of Ludicrous Research.

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